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Intruder Alarm Systems

How content are you with the protection you have against a break-in by burglars? Is your system maintained and/or monitored by an approved alarm company? ...just a few questions that can be answered positively by installing a  Security & Control Scotland Intruder Alarm System.

Our installations are inspected by an NSI (NACOSS) Inspector giving our systems a stamp of approval by your Insurance Company and local Police Force. All systems are installed and commissioned with an NSI Certificate of Conformity,  assuring you of the highest installation and service standards.

Domestic Burglar and Security Systems

National Security Inspectorate, NSI, NACOSS, SSAIB, for Security, CCTV, Burglar & Access ControlOur Burglar Alarms for the domestic user and installed quickly and neatly by qualified engineers, the systems are very easy to use and can be a “wired burglar alarm system” or a “wireless burglar alarm system”. Both types of systems have many features available including medical alarm, smoke detection, gas detection and many more. They are available connected to our Alarm Receiving Centre and also provide an element of home management using remote control, SMS and internet communication.

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Business Burglar and Security Systems

Redcare, Digital Communicator, Agile, GSM, Secure, GPRSAs with a domestic system installed by Security & Control Scotland the systems are installed to the highest quality; in this changing world of rules and regulations we understand that false alarms not only cost our customers time & money but can affect there insurance and Police Force response. It is important that users understand the operation of their system and are given time and instruction by their alarm company to allow them full usage of the system without compromising security, protection & response from the emergency services.

Business systems are fully programmable to allow multiple users and groups of users the facility to control the protection afforded by the system; simple key-fob operation reduces setting and un-setting mistakes, correct design and risk assessment ensure adequate security while minimizing the risk of false alarms.

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System Monitoring

Our Burglar Alarm Systems, when monitored, are connected by digital communicator Redcare, Dualcom and GPS to our Alarm Receiving Centre; all meeting with the approval of the NSI, Telecommunication Authorities, Insurance Companies and Emergency Services.

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