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Net2 - Using hands free with a car park barrier


The illustration shows how Net2 is used to control access through a car park barrier. Hands free technology makes gaining access to the car park convenient for authorised users. 


Number 1. Token
Those users that require hands free access are issued a hands free token.
Number 2. Reader
In this instance a 2.0m read range is required and the reader is mounted to a metal post. The most suitable reader is the PROXIMITY P200 metal mount.(2.5m can be achieved using a P 200 not mounted on or near metal objects.
Number 3. Hands free interface
This device converts standard P and KP series readers to hands free. It is wired in between the reader and the Net2 control unit. Located within 15m of the reader but not behind metal objects.
Number 4. Control unit
1 control unit is required to operate the barrier. The control unit can be located at the barrier or in the building.



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