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 Personal Emergency & Safety

 Wireless mini emergency safety pendant Pendant MCT-201
Miniature pendent PowerCode wireless transmitter designed for emergency and control applications.
 wireless emergency safety water proof pendant Pendant MCT-241
Stylish wireless waterproof pedant transmitter for emergency alert applications in wireless security alarm and emergency response systems.
 wireless emergecy safety button Emergency Button MCT-220
Wireless emergency button for people who need to raise emergency alarm when they are not close to the control panel.
 wireless emergency safety water proof wrist button Wrist MCT-211
Miniature wristband waterproof PowerCode transmitter, designed for personal emergency signaling and other applications.
 wireless emergency safety man down, twin button, pull cord Man-down MDT-122
Microprocessor-controlled "man-down" personal emergency transmitter designed for use by guards and security officers in prisons and institutions.
wireless personal fall detector Fall Detector MCT-241MD
Stylish wireless waterproof fall detector automatically triggers a call to the monitoring center for immediate help when user falls.
wireless twin button emergency, safety, panic button Twin Button MCT-124
Hand-held 4-button PowerCode wireless transmitter designed to prevent accidental activation of distress signaling.
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